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Limited editions Prints
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Limited editions Prints

Hand-embellished fine art limited edition series prints

Curanderas (Fantastic layered Humans)

2018-2019 Limited edition (25)

Hand-embellished digital illustration on canvas. Numbered and signed with a certificate.

Humankind has been linked through centuries and knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation. Our races have mingled over time; nowadays, we are a “pure” hybrid of ancestors. We are all branches of an immense tree called life. Healing has existed since the beginning of times and healers have danced with death in a never-ending cycle. These Curanderas are created to guide and protect, they are a blend of deity and human form. Each Curandera is uniquely painted and hand embellished to protect. They are pearled up with gold and iridescent inks with a varnish coat.

Animal protectors

2018-2019 Limited edition (25)

Hand-embellished digital illustration on canvas. Numbered and signed with a certificate.

“Animal totem protection series”, each limited edition piece is uniquely hand-embellished with gold and iridescent acrylics, varnished coated, and signed. Animals have long been amalgamated with humankind and since the beginning of time, we have feared and worked together into evolution. For indigenous cultures, animals are

looked up to as family members and have been an inspiration for values and spiritual ascendence. These animal protection totems are created to summon their spirits and guidance to you. 

Each piece is numbered and delivered with a certificate.  

Vértigo too prints. Limited edition prints (50)

Hand embellished with acrylics. Numbered, signed, and certified.

The Vertigotoo series continues with the language of pictorial frames of childhood. Vertigo in decision making. Jump into the void. Knowing that personal boundaries can become a game. There we are ready to live. Colors explode around. We get to the edge and we do it … we jump …

Composed of acrylic paintings “Vertigotoo” talks about the almost frozen movement of the jump. The quiet intrepidity of decisions while there is time to play.


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