Limited edition prints

Original artwork

Original paintings that are yet listed and for sale from different series and years.

Set by series

Bathroom chit-chat tells the story of people having a hard time with their inner thoughts and stomachs once they know a limit has been passed.

The Vertigotoo series continues with the language of pictorial frames of childhood. Vertigo in decision making. Jump into the void. Knowing that personal boundary can become a game. There we are ready to live. Colors explode around. We get to the edge and we do it … we jump …

Composed of acrylic paintings Vertigotoo talks about the almost frozen movement of the jump. The quiet intrepidity of decisions while there is time to play.

Vertigo since the womb. Vertigo when our human nature, our bodies; Warn of danger. Uncertainty, restlessness, sweat between the fingers … everything seems to shake !! Get drowsy !!

It is the moment of the jump to an unknown place! That feeling you have when you are going to be docked or when you are in front of the person you like most !! You must react

Through this, we have built and known our limits, our passions, our struggles to overcome: our frustrations. Vertigo always accompanies us. From the child who takes his first steps until the moment when life fades.

Vertigo when you make decisions in life.

Fear is a tool

The jump is in the void

To retake the vertigo is to approach the decision-making.