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Site of Colombian artist Sebastián Bravo Guerrero. Magical realities, paintings & limited edition prints
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Photo: Pablo Arellano

Sebastián Bravo Guerrero is a Colombian artist whose work mixes figurative painting with colorful compositions showing pop-surrealistic realities. His art focuses on intimacy, mysticism and an in-depth view of life. Innocence, compliance and profoundness are the vibrational elements of his work. His painting is full of details and chromatic explosions. He aims to connect with audiences and give them an experience. He works in several media such as painting, illustration, animations and murals.  He has worked with renowned clients around the world and has exhibited in different countries. Sebastián has recently moved to the US.

Sebastián Bravo Guerrero ( Colombia ) Bachelor of Arts and Design from Escola Massana – Autonomous University of Barcelona (2002-2006)


Most important

Studies: Arts degree Escola Massana de Barcelona (vinculat a la Universitat autonoma de Barcelona) (2002-2006)

Awards: Best digital campaign award. Shock magazine awards. 2009

Second place best digital campaign award. Shock magazine awards 2008

Most notorious exhibits:

+ Latinismo art – NY 2023

+ Feria Galería Casa Kilele 2021

+ Colombian Consulate Brussels Belgium 2019

+ Galería Casa Kilele (soloshow) 2018

+ B-art 2018

+ Galería del millón (Feria del millón) 2017

+ El Observatorio 2017

+ Casa cuadrada 2012

+ Expo urbanima 2011


Most notorious clients: 

+ CEJIL (Centro por la Justicia y el Derecho Internacional)

+ Index on Censorship – Freedom for Speech Awards (UK)

+TVE (Spanish television)

+ El Tiempo newspaper (COL)

+ More than 20 music bands around the globe including Carlos Vives, Toto la Momposina, La 33 orchestra and ChocQuibTown.