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Site of Colombian artist Sebastián Bravo Guerrero. Magical realities, paintings & limited edition prints
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Terms of Use

By accessing and/or using this website, you agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions of Use:


This website, , is owned and operated by Sebastián Bravo Guerrero  [“graphicnomad”].


Your access and use of this website is conditional on your acceptance of and compliance with the Terms &Conditions of Use.
You shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms & Conditions of Use by your continued use of and/or continued access to this website. Corporate Image may amend the Terms &Conditions of Use at any time by posting amended terms and conditions of use on this website. Any amended Terms and Conditions of Use shall be deemed to be binding and effective immediately. Accordingly, you should periodically review the Terms &Conditions of Use. Any violation by you of the Terms &Conditions of Use shall result in immediate forfeiture of your right to use and access this website.


This website is available only for your personal, non-commercial use. Sebastián Bravo Guerrero reserves the right to change or discontinue any feature of this website. You may not copy, reproduce, publish, frame, post, upload, distribute, transmit and/or modify, in any way, any part and/or all of the material contained on this website, unless expressly authorised in writing by Sebastián Bravo Guerrero.

This website is only available to, and may only be used by, persons who are able to form legally binding contracts. Without limiting the foregoing, this website is not available to and may not be used by persons under 18 years of age.


All names, logos and trade marks are the property of Sebastián Bravo Guerrero or the third parties who have contributed to this website (where acknowledged). Nothing on this website shall be interpreted as granting any rights to use or distribute any names, logos or trade marks without the express written authority of Sebastián Bravo Guerrero or the relevant contributor.


Sebastián Bravo Guerrero makes no representation(s) in respect of the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the information and/or anything else contained in this website [the “Material”]. The Material may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. The use of this website and the Material is strictly at your own risk.


Sebastián Bravo Guerrero makes no warranty with respect to the Material and/or this website. The Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) and all corresponding State legislation imply terms, conditions and warranties into particular contracts which are to govern and regulate the supply of goods and services [the “Prescribed Terms”]. Except as provided by the Prescribed Terms, all warranties whether express or implied by law and/or in any way relating to access to, or non-access to, this website and/or the use of and/or reliance upon this website and/or the Material are hereby expressly excluded.

In addition, Sebastián Bravo Guerrero does not warrant that this website will operate free from error or that this website and its server are free of computer viruses and other harmful effects. Sebastián Bravo Guerrero accepts no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage resulting from your use of this website and/or the Material.


Except as provided by the Prescribed Terms Corporate Image, its suppliers and any third parties mentioned on this website shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage (including, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages and/or lost profits) resulting from your access to and/or inability to use and access this website and/or the Material.


The Terms &Conditions of Use are effective until terminated by Sebastián Bravo Guerrero. Sebastián Bravo Guerrero may proscribe your access to this website at any time without notice. In the event of proscription, you shall no longer be authorised to access this website. All restrictions imposed on you and all disclaimers and limitations of liability set out in the Terms &Conditions of Use shall survive.


The Terms &Conditions of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Colombia, South America. You irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria as nominated by Corporate Image from time to time.